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犬       摇       建      筑

the voyage chapel

The Voyage Chapel is located at the Xi Lake in Ling Shui, Hainan. The site is one-third along the cycling route around the lake. Geographically, it's situated at a relatively central position within the lake. From here, one can enjoy panoramic views of the lake's scenery.

The design draws inspiration from the adjacent sea waves while echoing the picturesque lake views on the west and the urban thoroughfare on the east, creating a wave-like structure. To the south of the building and at the tip of the triangular site, a tall tower is erected, becoming the highest point closest to the shore of the entire lake, serving as both a landmark and a spiritual stronghold.

The undulating rooftops of the building are fashioned into terraces facing the sea view. Through material variations, the roof's wave-like form generates a terrain resembling the ocean's depths and shallows, enhancing the concept of waves. The visitors enjoying the scenery from these terraces are the ones treading the waves. They're encouraged to not view this place as the end of their journey around the lake but to continue moving forward after a pause, making it a spiritual fortress for them. The overall form of the building is also reminiscent of a sailing ship on the sea, riding the waves with the wind.

In terms of functionality, the interior of the hall adopts an open and transparent layout. It can host events of varying sizes, such as weddings, lectures, and more. During periods without events, it can serve as a water bar, providing visitors with a restful space in a sacred atmosphere.

Location: Lingshui, Hainan

Area: 436.01㎡

Owner:  Lingshui Autonomous County Development Holding Group Co. Ltd

Time: 08/2023

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