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犬       摇       建      筑


WAG ARCHITECTS is an international architecture design firm based in New York City and Beijing. Established by award-winning architect Devon Wang, WAG continues to set precedents for New York City and Beijing architecture through an active practice in commercial, corporate, and residential design. WAG is young but one of the fastest-growing architecture firms in both the United States and China. 
We are both excellent listeners and interpreters. We design buildings and spaces to meet the needs of people and the environment. Achieving the goal of clients is always our priority. WAG is dedicated to pushing boundaries and generating discourse through innovative concepts and imaginative materials. The firm integrates creativity and vision with practical knowledge in development and construction to create dynamic spaces that are highly functional and aesthetically provocative. From conception to completion, WAG maintains close client relationships and strives to deliver an elegant expression of a client’s original concept. 
Our projects are all over the world. We recently finished the projects in Lugano Switzerland, New York City USA, and Beijing China.





Devon is a registered architect, LEEP AP, and a member of the American Institute of Architects, who founded WAG ARCHITECTS in 2017 in New York City. After receiving a master's degree in architecture from Cornell University, Devon has practiced architecture for many years in a variety of fields in both the USA and China. As an award-winning architect, Devon has completed lots of projects that won international prizes that have been exhibited in both the USA and China. Prior to establishing WAG ARCHITECTS, as a project architect and senior designer in both large and boutique firms, Devon has gained extensive experience in designing high-quality executive offices, hospitality, retail, medical, and residential spaces.

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