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犬       摇       建      筑

the orchid pavilion

Located at the site of FUNDACION CASA WABI, the orchid pavilion has more meanings rather than just to showcase orchids.  The non‐profit organization is the home of many active artists and educational site for local children. As a result, the orchid pavilion that we design is a response to the function of such a great organization. After we studied the life habit of orchids and the design language of the CASA WABI site, we propose a flowerpot pavilion that utilizes the local clay program, which encourages all the artists and visitors to participate in the construction of the pavilion.  We extract the geometries from the existing building (Wabi House designed by Tadao Ando and Clay pavilion designed by  Alvaro  Siza)  on-site and absorb these geometries to make them our own design language. We are inspired by the planting mode of orchids. We turn the flowerpot into the wall. The orchids will grow inside the wall. The arch roof harmonizes the pavilion with the clay pavilion nearby.   
In the pavilion, we designed four relatively independent spaces that are enclosed by orchids. By doing that, we hope to provide a space for local artists to meditate. We believe that being close to nature is the best source of inspiration. The orchid wall will blur the boundary between the pavilion and nature and it embodies the tenacity of life.  The table at the center of the pavilion will be convenient for staff to handle orchids. The poster on the arch ceiling will provide information on orchids that are planted in the pavilion. 

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Area: 50㎡

Owner: Fundación Casa Wabi

Time: 10/2021

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