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犬       摇       建      筑

THE landscape box

The site is located on an island in a park in Nanjing. Therefore, based on the current situation of the site, we put forward a question: what is the relationship between the island, the shore, and the water? How to interact with the surrounding landscape? How to bring new life to the landscape without changing the landscape status quo? We came up with the concept of a landscape box.


The landscape box, as a container, provides different visual experiences inside: the inward-protruding mountain structure is rockery, viewfinder/picture frame, and courtyard, while the "inward-protruding" repeatedly arranged in the box forms a new spatial sequence against the background of the original landscape, becoming a community of small canyon, viewing corridor and courtyard. We created the scenery in the courtyard without changing the existing landscape and made use of the "borrowed scenery" and "opposite scenery" in the traditional garden to create a visual connection between inside and outside the container.


Horizontal and vertical tour paths are designed inside the container. In the horizontal direction, the long axis of the container is used as a clue to link the shore, water, and island, forming rhythm and rhythm. Longitudinally, a spiral staircase and a log cabin connect the earth, trees, and sky. Rising tree houses on the island bring the landscape to a climax, providing a vantage point for the entire park. In the treehouse, you can not only enjoy the design of the landscape box but also have a panoramic view of the park. A landscape box full of a sense of design posture will also become a landscape line.

Location: Nanjing, China

Concept Design

Time: 04/2021

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