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犬       摇       建      筑


A Library and Culture Incubator

Incheon-city of South Korea, as in the international city of Northeast Asia, is eager to build the cultural infrastructure to tighten the cultural approach of citizens. Our proposal aims to design an incubator of culture that provides a public platform for local residents to build new connections between people, culture, and nature. We keep the goal in our minds as we design the project in every single step. The idea is embedded in the building form and functionality. We design it as an intellectual and cultural symbol for the City of Incheon.
Sustainability is the other important concern. We maximize the usage of natural light, which is the best light source for reading and daytime activities. Adopting passive design strategies is the way we would like to use to create pleasant indoor temperatures rather than relying on an AC system. The roof garden we design is a rainwater collector to save water. We design it as a green building that is eco-friendly and energy-saving.

Location: Songdo-si, South Korea

Concept Design

Time: 04/2021

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