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犬       摇       建      筑


“When I get old, I want to find a place near the mountains and rivers to do something that I really want to do.” I believe this is the vision for some people for their elderly life. Many people have been busy for their families and devoted all their life to raise the kids, and take care of their families, while forgetting about how they used to dream big when they were young. Now that you are getting older, and getting to a point to take a rest, could you still remember how energetic you used to be, do you still have the courage to live for your dreams again?
Our silver village is the place that you are looking for, it is the one that surrounded by mountains and rivers that can bring you brand-new life which you dreamed to have when you were young. This is the lab to produce dreams and a paradise for the elderly. You can become a chef, and open up your own small restaurant; here, you could be an artist, creating your signature art piece; here, you could also be a fitness master, who says that only young people can have good body shape? Also here, you could become a gardener, taking care of all flowers in the yard.
This silver village is providing you with the unimaginable “second-life” that you could ever dream of, and offering you all the “work skills” that you never have acquired before. This is a lively town. You could bring your besties and buddies with you, back to the era of eating and living together in the dorm, in addition, a variety of activities are held here all year round. The large square in the small-town hosts flea markets and bazaars from time to time. The self-design device could also be displayed at the square. Sometimes there are open-air movies and small concerts in the square, fulfilling one’s dream of becoming a singer.
If you are growing older and want to start a second life which is full of possibilities, then welcome to our silver village.

Location: Weinan, China

Area: 66,302.67㎡

Owner:  City of Weinan

Time: 07/2020

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