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犬       摇       建      筑

qingshan gym renovation

This is a partially renovated gym project.  The program consists of a comprehensive training area on the first floor, a reading area, and a study room on the second floor.  

The original color of the gym is mainly plain concrete and wood, calm and warm.  Just like training, you need passion to be trained and you also need to know how to slow down.  As the gym owner has hoped, the gym not only provides a place to exercise but also a reason to stay.  

How to adjust the space rhythms of the gym and make people willing to stay under limited changes is the primary problem to be solved in our design.  

The comprehensive training area on the first floor is a paradise for muscle lovers, but how can you not share your hard-training result with others?  Communication and encouragement between the trainers can be the strongest motivation for them to keep going.  So we design a spectator stand in the training area. This stand not only provides a place to rest but also provides a platform for trainers to communicate, display and compete. Sitting here with a cup of coffee and watching others sweat is a good option to kill time.  

The reading area on the second floor was a neglected space before the renovation. Few people would pick up a book and read it here. On the one hand, this space faces the main traffic flow, and the environment is relatively noisy.  On the other hand, the floor height here is limited, which can not provide a comfortable human scale for people to stay.  So we turned it into a coffee bar.  Located on a major traffic line, this coffee bar has the natural advantage of promoting beverage sales.  A nice cup of coffee and a comfortable space may be enough to make people want to stay a little longer.  

The self-study room on the second floor can become this comfortable space.  In the self-study room, there are 6 small spaces with excellent privacy. Within this small space, you can arrange your own time without any disturbance. Every small space has a view from the window. You can do exercise when you get bored of your study; you can get a nice cup of drinks after the hard training, and then you can go back to your study room with a nice drink and start another round of study.  It's a virtuous circle for the self-disciplined person, which makes you be a better self.

Location: Beijing, China

Area: 200㎡

Owner:  Qingshan Gym

Time: 05/2021

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