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犬       摇       建      筑


In today’s situation where the group of elderly who lost their partner or without their children being around getting bigger and bigger, the friendship and companionship between the elderly and their peers have become increasingly important. “Growing old with your besties” is no longer a slogan, instead, it fully expresses the inner needs of the elderly group: their eagerness for companionship. Therefore, our design encourages the elderly to invite their best friends to live with them. This will not only help the elderly to be familiar with the living environment quickly but will also bring the elderly back to the golden ages when they were young and spent time with friends.
“Being close to mountains and rivers” is the main theme of the design of the sample house, the storyline and timeline created from the connection of landscape enrich the daily experience of the elderly. This is not only the place for them to live in but also their “home”. All the facilities at home are also available here. There are two bedrooms in the house, with each one of them having its own private reading room and bathroom, the path also leads to the backyard garden. Those two bedrooms are both independent and interrelated, whether, for two couples or two individuals to live, they all can provide functional satisfaction. The semi-open space on the second floor is prepared for their sons and daughters who come to visit the families. If there are workers being employed at home, space can also be used as a resting space for workers.

Location: Weinan, China

Area: 232㎡

Owner:  City of Weinan

Time: 07/2020

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