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犬       摇       建      筑


According to a human activity survey by the US Environmental Protection Agency, people spend 90% of time indoors. We are an indoor generation. However, staying indoor is not good for our bodies, both mentally and physically. Staying indoor means we will not get exposed to natural light. Sunlight tends to improve our mood and helps our body produce vitamin D, which has been proved to help regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. Sunlight also helps to keep our internal body clock on schedule, and the circadian rhythm plays a major part in regulating appetite, sleep schedule, and energy levels. In addition, excessive exposure to electric lighting can throw off those internal rhythms.
To bring people more enjoyable and healthy life is the main purpose of our design. One of the main methods is to attract people to spend more time outdoor. We would like to create a remarkable and unprecedented experience for residents both indoor and outdoor. So we come up with an idea of building parks/gardens of multiple scales. Parks/ gardens not only bring health and environmental benefits but also increase property values.
In the proposal, a central park with a playground for children is designed in the heart of the site. It is only open to residents. All the apartments sit around it and have a full view of the park. It encourages the interaction between residents and provides beautiful landscapes and better air quality. It also provides a comfortable waiting area for the residents’ drivers.
Apart from the central park, the majority of the units are equipped with their own private gardens. The staggered shape of the building allows some units to have considerable areas of private gardens. They are qualified spaces for sunbathing and family gatherings. These private gardens also give the residents a feeling of living in a stand-alone villa. Addition to outdoor gardens, indoor gardens are placed in different kinds of public spaces, such as lobby, corridors, and elevator lobbies. This residential building has various supporting facilities, such as gym, multipurpose room, and children's playroom. These facilities will satisfy residents' daily activities.

Location: Saudi Arabia

Area: 4605.95㎡

Owner:  Alsalimi Commercial Center

Time: 05/2020

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