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犬       摇       建      筑

lighthouse academy renovation

Lighthouse Academy is an overseas education agency. Their goal is to be not only a consultant to help their students of the process of college application but also an adviser to lead the students to the right route of their lives just like a beacon in the dark. It encourages us to design a space that best expresses the goal. We create a tunnel at the entrance, which leads to a wide-open space and an attractive spot in the office. It stands for the way to the light. Your life will be brightened after the path of thorns. 

The wide-open space is a working area. It is equipped with a bar and a movable whiteboard. It allows the space to easily switch from a working area to a rest area or a meeting room. The attractive spot is a welcoming space. It will be used as a living room to welcome guests or a lecture hall to hold lectures or a landmark where every visitor wants to take a photo

Location: Beijing, China

Area: 200㎡

Owner:  Lighthouse Academy

Time: 12/2017

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