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Public space is where the city’s main function gets displayed. From gathering places to recreational parks, from commercial centers to famous hot spots where internet celebrities go, the public space is changing its faces all the time. Nowadays, as the advance of technology, and the advent of the 5G era, people’s demand for public space is still changing and updating. A public space with only basic functions could no longer meet the expectations of the public. How can we use novel ways to add more elements to urban public space to make it adapt to this era? Smart urban toy is our answer. What kind of sparks will be generated when the giant urban massing encounters the small scales of the urban toy, and how does the urban toy fit into the high-tech era is what our design wants to answer.

Urban Toy is designed to solve social problems:

By the end of 2018, the population over age 60 in China has reached the number of 247 million. According to the report on the current living condition of the empty-nesters, 50% of those elderly people are in an unhealthy condition with more severe loneliness. Under this social background, we hope that urban toy could strengthen the connection between the elderly people, as well as their connection with people of other ages, in order to improve their physical and mental health.

Parking Chaos
Through “cloud traveling” through Congtai Square, we’ve found that no vehicles are allowed to park there. As a result of this rule, many bikes and non-motorized vehicles are parked around the square randomly. By using the parking function provided by the urban toy for bikes and electrical bikes, We hope to solve this problem of chaos parking. In addition to its parking function, our “toy” also provides charging services for electric bikes thereby bring convenience to the public.

Urban toy is the product of new technology:

5G Technology 
The popularity of 5G technology facilitates the rapid transmission of large amount of data. It is the emergence of 5G technology that makes our urban toy “smart”. By collecting and exchanging large amounts of data with users, “City Toys” understands her users better. After collecting these environment and user data, the information will be fed back to the users intelligently, so that the users can get a thorough understanding of the information of their destination, in order to plan their trips in advance to avoid leaving aimlessly. The information provided by the smart system save time for the fast-paced city living, and make life more controllable and efficient. 

New Technology 
Urban toy has applied new technology in terms of its choice of materials. For example, children’s climbing and running mesh fabric uses a new type of fiber material. These materials can generate electricity when kids are playing on it, meanwhile, they could provide energy for the entire device. Such materials can be used exclusively for electricity, saving energy consumption.

Location: Hebei, China

Concept Design

Time: 06/2020

2022 Reddot Award

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