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犬       摇       建      筑

Damei art center upgrade

Existing Condition: The commercial atmosphere is too weak; the boundary between the commercial area and office area is too blurry; the exhibition hall at the center of the building is too huge and it blocks the views; the color of the material is too dark.,

Our Goal: To make the commercial space better intensity, better sensibility, more artistical without demolishing anything built.

Our Solution:

1. Adding art installations: to create a characteristic commercial space, we add colorful and parametric patterns to the traffic core and corridor. It brightens the space and makes it more recognizable.

2. Colorizing glasses: To bring more vitality to space, we colorize the glass handrail. It integrates the art installation to make the entire space as a whole. Moreover, it helps to differentiate the commercial are with office area.

3. Adding special signage: We design a special signage system to replace the existing ordinary signage system to enhance the artistic atmosphere of entire commercial space.

Location: Beijing, China

Owner:  Damei Art Center

Time: 02/2020

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