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犬       摇       建      筑

wenxing bridge

Bridge is like a band. It connects not only the two sides of the river physically, but also the memory, culture, and history of this old city. The former Wenxing Bridge, as an important pathway, has witnessed a history of Yongxin and carried people’s memories. Today's Wenxing Bridge is located on the ancient bridge’s location. It is designed as a band that dances on the river. It travels through time and space, pulls the history and memory of the ancient city back to the modern era and has a dialogue with the modern era. This band has the function of appreciating "mountain view, water view and city view". In the bridge park, people can stand on a high point, get rid of the block of the building's line of sight, and enjoy the view of mountain, water and city. From this high point, you will reach a moment of dialogue with Yongxin of the song Dynasty through time and space through Yongxin South Tower. The bridge park is equipped with a waterfront platform. It is an ideal place for children to play. The lawn and woods beside the platform are like an auditorium. The picture of playing children integrated with the waterscape conveys the beauty of life. It is also a picnic spot with excellent views. Linjiang Tower is no longer a "tower" in the traditional sense. It is embedded in the bridge and organically integrated with the park on the bridge. It is not only a good place for a water view, but also provides space for residential activities and commercial activities. People are no longer passing by the bridge, but become the master of the bridge. And the bridge has brought vitality and business opportunities. In addition to the bridge park, there is also a convenient path for pedestrians and bicycles who have no time to experience the park. In this passageway, not only are the view of mountains, the water and the city beautiful, but also the view of residents’ colorful activities.

Location: Jiangxi, China

Concept Design

Time: 09/2020

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