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犬       摇       建      筑

Alshati Strip Mall

Location: Saudi Arabia

Area: 4634㎡

Owner:  Alsalimi Commercial Center

Time: 03/2020

The proposal is to build a strip mall with a variety of open spaces. The theme of the design is tropical The largest open space facing to the east integrates the waterscape with the mall. It makes the waterscape and surrounded scenery visible to the customer on each floor. The main entrance on the ground floor is designed with three-story-high space. It emphasizes the scene experience and provides a changeable view to adapt different themes as needed. In addition, the big stairs at the main entrance along with the shops encourage people to stop to hang around and the platforms next to the stairs allow people to enjoy the view of waterscape. The design of staggered platforms and shops is inspired by the landscape of tropical areas. Falling water along with the staggered stone platform creates lots of impressive landscapes in the jungle. The mezzanine at the east combined with the waterscape makes it possible to have flagship shops and large terraces to maximize the utilization of the waterscape.
The first-floor space is more flexible than the ground floor. Cantilevered terraces and corridors enrich the variousness of the space and connect shops. On second floor, the green roof is utilized for sustainability. It fuses the green with the ocean and the space with ecological.
The material of the facades is a perforated metal scene. The pattern on the screen is the traditional Islamic patterns. The color and shape of the screen are to mimic the forest to emphasize the theme of design - tropical. The material of the roof is glass with wood grill. It enables the usage of natural light to save building energy.

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